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Gastroenterologist’s Personal Experience with Hemwellectomy

My Dear colleagues,

I am usually private about personal health matters, but I felt I should share my experience to provide some insight and inspiration.

I have had right-sided hemorrhoids that have bothered me off and on since college. I have experienced a few episodes of (very painful) thrombosis over the years, nagging symptoms of prolapse, pain, burning, and bleeding. A true grade 3/4 with the whole spectrum of symptoms that has only gotten worse with age. A colorectal surgical colleague had done banding on two separate occasions. Each resulted in two weeks of post-procedural misery for minimal short-lived partial improvement.

Dr. P was to perform my colonoscopy as he had done in the past. I asked him to address the hemorrhoids by treating both the right anterior and right posterior columns by HemWellectomy.

I am pleased to report the results after one month: my hemorrhoids have clinically DISAPPEARED!

Post-procedure, I experienced a slight low-grade ache in the right anal area x 48 hrs. No analgesics were needed, it did not interfere with any of life’s daily activities, and defecation was not painful. The next day my schedule at our GI center was full and I performed my duties as if nothing had been done the previous day. Now a month later, there are no masses or prolapse, pain, bleeding, pruritis, or burning.  I have become completely asymptomatic, and I have not felt this well in over 30 years! Clearly, this is a short-term follow-up and the experience of one patient; however, I think the result are MIRACULOUS!


Dr. D.A.

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