External Hemorrhoids, Why you Shouldn’t Push Them Back Inside?

Man suffering from external hemorrhoids, anal pain on gray background

External hemorrhoids are the most common kind of hemorrhoid. They arise from the veins around your anus and live behind the skin. They appear outside near the anus, so they can be observed easily when you have a bowel movement. When this type of hemorrhoid becomes swollen or inflamed, it causes lots of pain and discomfort in the anal area.

Most aren’t severe, but because they can cause bleeding and irritation, you should take care of them early on before they worsen into something that requires more complicated treatment options by a doctor. 

What are external hemorrhoid symptoms?

Symptoms can vary depending on the person. Although external hemorrhoid causes no severe long-term problems, they are very uncomfortable and painful to live with. Some symptoms include:

– pain during bowel movements

– mucus coming out of the anus

– bleeding during or after a bowel movement

– itchiness around the anus

– susceptible skin just outside of the anus

Most external hemorrhoids cause itching, discomfort, rawness, and irritation around your anal area, but sometimes people can be unaware that they have external piles until a doctor diagnoses them.

What causes external hemorrhoids?

External hemorrhoids develop when the veins around your anus enlarge and swell due to increased pressure in them. This can be caused by straining during bowel movements, pregnancy, obesity, aging, lack of exercise, liver disease, or advancing age.

Although they don’t usually require immediate medical attention unless it becomes infected, you should seek professional help if external hemorrhoid symptoms don’t improve within a couple of days or worsen.

How do you treat external hemorrhoids?

Treatment often varies from patient to patient—the ice for 10 minutes each hour or taking a warm bath with Epsom salts added to it.

Can you push external hemorrhoids back in?

When the rectal tissue is damaged, it can become excruciating to live with. Because of this, people sometimes try pushing the external hemorrhoids back inside through their anus canal in hopes of relieving the pain and discomfort, but it is essential to understand that they should never be pushed back inside because it could make them worse.

Many people suffer from external hemorrhoids because of the straining caused by going to the toilet. However, there is a tendency for many people to try and push them back inside after they have finished going to the bathroom.

This can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and leave external hemorrhoids in an even worse condition than they were in before. It is not recommended to push them back inside because they can be very tender and sensitive, for example, after a bowel movement.

In addition to this, they could get stuck outside of the anus if you start pushing them back inside. This could lead to external hemorrhoids that are permanently protruding from the anus.

The best thing to do instead is to wash them with water after you have finished going to the bathroom and make sure that they are clean at all times. You should also avoid sitting for long periods because this can cause discomfort.

How do you treat external hemorrhoids?

If your hemorrhoids are external there is nothing that can be done, but if they’re internal, you are in luck.

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