External Hemorrhoids, What You Need To Know?

Man suffering from external hemorrhoids, anal pain on gray background

There’s a lot of external hemorrhoids misconceptions. If you have external hemorrhoids, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the external hemorrhoid is causing you any discomfort or pain. Most external hemorrhoid symptoms are avoided because they’re invisible and internal.


External Hemorrhoids Symptoms


These Symptoms Include:

  • itching sensation
  • a dark red lump
  • bleeding 
  • painful defecation when sitting down on a toilet bowl for very long periods of time 
  • a blood clot may be discharged from your anus after sitting for too long


External Hemorrhoids Treatments


External hemorrhoids treatment options are not the same as internal ones. For external hemorrhoids treatment, there are creams that help lessen the itching sensation. These include hydrocortisone cream, topical anesthetics


When To See A Doctor


Suppose you’re suffering from external hemorrhoids symptoms such as bleeding, pain, or any external hemorrhoids infections. In that case, you must seek medical attention immediately because this may be a symptom of something more severe like colon or rectal cancer. 

Make sure you don’t ignore the external hemorrhoids’ symptoms and hope they will go away soon. The longer you wait for external hemorrhoid treatment, the worst it can get. That’s why if you notice signs of external hemorrhoids on stool, such as pain and itching around the anal area, which is very difficult to ignore, you should contact a doctor immediately.

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