Hemorrhoid Suppositories, Do They Even Work?

Patient looking for hemorrhoid relief

Hemorrhoid suppositories are an excellent treatment option for hemorrhoids that appear internally and externally. Suppositories can treat hemorrhoids by being inserted into the anus to reduce pain, swelling, itching, and irritation. Suppositories provide relief by hydrating tissue surrounding hemorrhoidal veins, helping them shrink.

After learning about symptoms and how they treat piles, you may wonder if suppositories work? Fortunately for those suffering from painful or itchy External hemorrhoids, yes – suppositories do work. However, Internal hemorrhoids cannot be treated with a suppository because there is no way of inserting the topical medication into the hemorrhoid.

Internal hemorrhoids look like a bunch of tiny grapes, which is why they are sometimes referred to as “hemorrhoidal veins” – when you have piles, they are made up of bulging hemorrhoidal vein blood vessels. In addition to making your anus feel swollen and uncomfortable, internal piles bleed very easily when irritated or injured. Internal symptoms include the feeling of a hard object inside the rectum and itching around the anus. One of the most common problems is having overly-loose bowels because hemorrhoids itch and burn when bowel movements. Hence, people often try to avoid going to the bathroom to get relief from symptoms, which only makes them worse.

External hemorrhoids look similar to internal piles, but instead of developing inside the anus, external hemorrhoids develop on the outside and create a sac-like protrusion around the anus. In addition to itching and burning during bowel movements, external symptoms include swollen skin around the anus, which can be very itchy. Like other hemorrhoid problems, if left untreated, your skin could rupture from excessive pressure against your clothing when moving around or sitting down for long periods – this is why suppositories are a good option for treating symptoms! If you have an external hemorrhoid that is becoming excessively painful, it’s not hard to determine whether or not you’re dealing with a hemorrhoid problem.

 Sometimes, piles are caused by obesity or pregnancy – they can also occur when you strain too much to have a bowel movement which puts pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins. Fortunately for those dealing with pile problems, if you are obese or pregnant, suppositories will work well because they deliver medication right into the area where they are developing.

Suppositories only work on external piles, not internal, because there’s no way of inserting topical medication inside the anus. However, this doesn’t mean that external piles should be ignored. Symptoms include swelling and a bulge around the anus. Suppose suppositories aren’t relieving symptoms. In that case, surgery is an option to consider – surgery is performed by cutting off circulation to hemorrhoidal veins, so they shrink and eventually disappear.

Piles can be treated with medication like suppositories. Suppositories work fast to reduce swelling and irritation. Still, it’s important to remember that they are caused by diet, obesity, or pregnancy, which means that they could return if you don’t make healthy lifestyle changes. But, only time will permanently cure the root cause of piles – for this reason, it’s wise to look into more permanent cures, like surgery if they don’t go away!

Bottom Line: Do suppositories work? Yes, suppositories help with symptoms like swelling and irritation, but only temporarily. While suppositories will provide some relief from symptoms, if you’re looking for a cure to your piles, look into more permanent options like surgery.

Hemorrhoids are very common today because of diets that promote excessive weight gain or obesity, lack of fiber in the diet (which leads to loose bowel movements), and too many trips to the bathroom due to overly-loose bowels. Piles can also be caused by straining during bowel movements which is why they develop – put simply, they are caused by eating a diet that promotes weight gain and straining during bowel movements.

Suppositories have been used to treat symptoms for centuries. However, suppositories today still work in much the same way as they did hundreds of years ago – suppositories contain ingredients like cocoa butter which helps soften stools, making them easier to pass through your body without much strain or pain. Suppositories also contain ingredients that reduce inflammation and irritation around hemorrhoidal tissue. Suppositories can make it easier for you to go about your daily routine without having to worry about hemorrhoids!

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