Hemorrhoids, 22 Signs That You Have Them: Part 1

Woman concerned about hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum and anus. Watch out for things like blood on the toilet paper, itching and pain during bowel movements, and bright red blood on any wipe (whether it’s a wet wipe or tissue). They can be painful and uncomfortable to deal with, so if you notice any of these symptoms, then see your doctor as soon as possible. Symptoms include:

1) Hemorrhoids – Symptoms include seeing blood on the toilet paper after wiping or noticing bulging lumps around one’s anus that look like little balloons. They aren’t cancerous, but they can still cause a lot of pain and discomfort. A person can have a single hemorrhoid or multiple. They come in three degrees of severity:

– First Degree – A person may notice that they have swollen veins around their anus, but they aren’t too severe. Sometimes they only appear when a person has been constipated for a long time and finally gets a sudden urge to go to the bathroom.

– Second Degree – They are so bad at this point that they need proper medical attention from a doctor. They’re more painful and some bleed during bowel movements.

– Third Degree – They are enormous and extremely painful, often needing surgery if one wants to get rid of them. When they are this severe they are likely to bleed during bowel movements and cause so much pain that a person can’t sit down usually. Piles this tough could also prolapse, which means that it actually comes out from the body but then retreats in by itself. When they are this bad, they could eventually lead to other conditions like anal and rectal prolapses and even rectal cancer.

2) Rectal Cancer – Piles aren’t cancerous, but bleeding during bowel movements can sometimes be a sign of more severe problems like colorectal cancer.

3) Anal Itching – they may cause itching around the anus, especially during bowel movements when piles rub against a person’s underwear. They can also come with pain and burning sensations around one’s anus, along with swelling that makes piles protrude out of their body. These symptoms are all signs that need immediate medical attention.

4) Rectal Prolapse – Rectal prolapse is when part of someone’s rectum comes out of their body because the hemorrhoid pushes it out through the anus. Many people who have this condition will be constipated for long periods before they go to the bathroom, and piles will be even worse at that point. Symptoms like bright red blood on the toilet paper need emergency medical treatment as piles can lead to severe conditions like this one.

5) Anal/Rectal Itching – Hemorrhoids often come pain and discomfort around one’s anus, which may make a person want to itch around their rectum so that they can relieve some of that pain. Many people with piles will also have a lot of itching because they are irritated by chafing against underwear or rubbing against material during daily activities, causing an itchy sensation that needs proper treatment from a doctor.

6) Bright Red Blood On Toilet Paper – Hemorrhoids cause bright red blood on the toilet paper during bowel movements, but they shouldn’t ever be bleeding. Piles that are severely enlarged will sometimes prolapse, and this can make them to bleed because the tissue around them is very delicate. They can also create anal/rectal itching, which may make symptoms like bright red blood on the toilet paper less noticeable.

7) Burning Sensation Around The Anus – They often burn and itch around one’s anus, significantly when they protrude through the body like with Third Degree. Many people who have piles will experience these kinds of symptoms more when they move around and rub against underwear or material. They can even cause burning sensations when one isn’t even in physical contact with piles because of the damage that they do to surrounding tissue.

8) Swollen Blood Vessels – They are often swollen just under the skin, which makes them appear like small lumps, especially during bowel movements when they swell up even further. The blood vessels in piles tend to be very swollen in Second Degree, which is why they are so itchy at this stage too.

9) Lumpy/Hard Lumps Around The Anus – Hemorrhoids are enlarged blood vessels in the anus which don’t have a lot of support because they push them out of the body. When piles swell up during bowel movements, They can become hard lumps that will be painful for anyone to sit on, especially if they reach stage three or four.

10) Rectal Bleeding – Symptoms like bleeding after passing stools indicate that they need medical attention immediately. Bleeding is never normal and shouldn’t be ignored even if they already know they have them. It’s essential not to try piles at home because they can cause rectal bleeding that can be life-threatening if someone tries to self-treat.

11) Rectal Masses – Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the anus. Symptoms like lumpy masses around one’s anus are that have prolapse or piles that have already reached Stage Three or Four. During bowel movements, they will protrude out of the body, which makes piles masses very noticeable at this stage, but people shouldn’t let these symptoms go untreated.

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