Hemorrhoids, Why are they so irritating?

Man suffering from external hemorrhoids, anal pain on gray background

Hemorrhoids are a common problem that can occur in any sufferer at some point. They generally cause pain and irritation, but itching is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms. Itching can be irritating and usually comes from either constipation or sitting down for long periods. In this article, I will give you helpful tips on stopping itching, what causes itching, what are treatments, and much more.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins located in your anus region. Symptoms include pain, itching, bleeding, and swollen veins. There are three different types: external, internal, and prolapsed hemorrhoids.

What causes hemorrhoids?

There are many reasons why they occur. Some of the main reasons for this are straining during bowel movements or sitting on a toilet for too long. Symptoms are not always dangerous but require immediate attention if they get worse. If you suffer from piles, it is vital to wear comfortable clothing that does not irritate them, especially when going out in public places such as shopping centers, sporting events, etc.

You should also avoid straining while having a bowel movement by using proper remedies. Wearing cotton underwear can help reduce friction between your buttocks and thighs which can cause irritation and pain. Getting plenty of fresh air and exercise is another treatment that will help.

Why do hemorrhoids itch?

They can be annoying, but the itching is one of the worst symptoms that you will experience. Itching can be caused by piles that are swollen or inflamed and straining to have a bowel movement. Sitting on the toilet for long periods can also cause irritation because they cannot drain appropriately while you’re sitting down, so the rectal veins become engorged and irritated. If your piles itch, wearing cotton underwear and keeping your bottom area clean should help with any irritation.

They are irritated because they are inflamed, so scratching the area will only make them worse. Itching can be uncomfortable, but you should not scratch them to get relief, which will only cause more irritation later on. If your piles are severely itchy, then wearing cotton underwear to bed may give you some relief throughout the night until you are ready to get up in the morning. Also, don’t sit down for long periods to avoid further irritation.

How do you stop hemorrhoids from itching?

Itching can be very difficult to deal with, but piles are not life-threatening, so there is no need to suffer in silence. There are treatment solutions available that you should see a doctor about if they become bothersome. If you have piles, then using creams or suppositories may help reduce irritation while providing other relief benefits.

Before starting any treatments, it is best to catch them at the onset and use natural home remedies such as Aloe Vera gel and witch hazel. Applying ice packs on your piles will help begin the treatment process.

It may also help sit in a bath if it is not too uncomfortable for you. If your piles are irritated, then wearing cotton underwear and keeping your bottom area clean will help with irritation until you visit your doctor about treatments, such as ointments which can be found at most pharmacies today.

What are hemorrhoid treatments?

Many treatments are available for sufferers of piles, including creams and suppositories. Keeping piles clean will help prevent infection, and the irritation should stop if they are cleaned properly. If you catch piles at the onset, then they might be easier to treat than if they worsen or aren’t treated at all. Removal should only be done by a professional such as a doctor because they can cause rectal bleeding, leading to anemia.

Ointments and suppositories are treatments that can help relieve if they become irritated. There is no miracle cure, but ointments with hydrocortisone or benzyl nicotinate may help soothe inflamed tissue and reduce irritation after a bowel movement.

Suppositories such as Anusol HC and medicated pads relieve them by reducing swelling, pain, and inflammation associated with internal and external piles. If you find that your piles are irritated, then wearing cotton underwear will help reduce the risk of further irritation while cooling down rectal tissue, which can be inflamed due to excessive pressure during a bowel movement.

If your hemorrhoids are external there is nothing that can be done, but if they’re internal, you are in luck.

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