Living with Hemorrhoids, Quick Tips

Don't be chained to your Hemorrhoids

Living with hemorrhoids can be difficult, but there are many things you can do to manage hemorrhoids at home. There are also easy ways to reduce hemorrhoids symptoms and keep hemorrhoids from coming back. This article will offer advice on what exercises are good for hemorrhoids, foods that may benefit you when you have hemorrhoids, and general tips for living with hemorrhoid symptoms.


Hemorrhoid Symptoms


The most common hemorrhoid symptom is painless bleeding when having a bowel movement or blood in the stool. Other hemorrhoid symptoms include anal itching, swelling, and irritation in the anal area. These hemorrhoid symptoms can be seen with many other medical problems, so it’s best to see your doctor for a diagnosis if you have any questions.

Doctors don’t often prescribe bed rest for hemorrhoids. There is no evidence that immediate bed rest helps heal or get rid of hemorrhoids. If anything, completely resting while having hemorrhoids may worsen your discomfort level. 

However, research does show that symptoms may be reduced by continuing your daily activities.


Living With Hemorrhoids


It would be best if you also prepared for hemorrhoid flare-ups while you’re resting in bed or sitting on the couch. This way, when hemorrhoid symptoms start up again, it will be easier to handle them. At the same time, continue moving around and doing day-to-day tasks.


Here are some tips to living with hemorrhoids:


Dont Strain

If possible, don’t strain when having bowel movements. Straining during a bowel movement only makes the hemorrhoid symptoms worse. Make time every day for your bowel movements; if you’re pressed for time, make it your least complicated and most comfortable hemorrhoids bowel movement.

Eat Well

Eat a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water to avoid hemorrhoid flare-ups. A poor diet or alcoholic beverages can bring on a hemorrhoid flare-up. You can prevent or reduce hemorrhoids symptoms by eating foods that help strengthen the veins in the anus area. Foods rich in iron, Omega fatty acids, Vitamin C, and B vitamins are good for hemorrhoids. Salmon, soybeans, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, whole grains, cabbage, carrots, nuts, strawberries are some of the best foods you should eat if you have hemorrhoids. Foods that worsen hemorrhoid symptoms include processed junk food high in sugar and trans fats, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, and caffeine.

Excersise Daily

Get plenty of exercises daily to improve hemorrhoid symptoms. Low–impact cardiovascular activities such as walking is the preferred exercise with hemorrhoids. Since exercise raises your heart rate and hemorrhoids increase intra-abdominal pressures, you should avoid anything that puts stress on the hemorrhoid veins while hemorrhoids are inflamed. For this reason, some doctors advise against sexual intercourse when one has hemorrhoids.

Comfortable Cotton

Wear cotton underwear. Cotton is breathable, so it helps keep the area dry and calm, reducing hemorrhoid symptoms. You can also wear loose-fitting clothes that allow room for swollen hemorrhoid tissues to move without being constricted by tight jeans or underwear.

Stay Clean

Gently cleanse the anal area when hemorrhoids flare up. If hemorrhoid symptoms such as itching and irritation are bothering you, use a hypoallergenic hemorrhoid cream to clean the skin in this area. Use a soft cloth or cotton balls to gently wipe away any crust, blood, or mucus accumulated around the anus after bowel movements.


Treatments That Help You Live with Hemorrhoids


A hemorrhoid treatment plan for living with hemorrhoids should involve some home remedies. Cleaning and caring for your hemorrhoids at home will help reduce hemorrhoid symptoms and ease discomfort. 

For example, try applying witch hazel to the affected area several times a day using a cotton ball or witch hazel pads, which can help soothe pain from hemorrhoids. 

Another option would also be to use hydrocortisone cream on your hemorrhoids to reduce inflammation. There are hemorrhoid wipes, which some hemorrhoids sufferers find helpful. 

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