Tips for Dealing with Hemorrhoids, Part 1


Hemorrhoids are a widespread health concern. Even though they can be embarrassing, hemorrhoids affect millions of people worldwide. Suppose you don’t want hemorrhoids causing you pain and discomfort. In that case, this article is part one of a two-part series covering eight tips that helps deal and relieve hemorrhoid discomfort.

 Keep The Hemorrhoid Area Clean & Dry


The best way to keep hemorrhoids from getting worse or coming back is by keeping them clean and dry at all times. It is essential to keep hemorrhoids clean at all times by wiping from front to back after every bowel movement. Also, it’s best not to use scratchy or harsh tissues that can irritate hemorrhoids even more.


Protect Yourself During a Bowel Movement


When hemorrhoids are very painful for you, you can do things to make it easier when you need to go number two. Sitting down on the toilet or standing over the toilet with your feet up helps elevate your hips slightly, which helps reduce hemorrhoid pain when having a bowel movement. This way, hemorrhoids won’t become irritated and swollen as much because it makes it easier to pass stools.


Use A Hemorrhoid Cream


Hemorrhoid creams are not only good for getting rid of hemorrhoids, but they can also help prevent hemorrhoids from coming back again in the future. All hemorrhoid creams work by lubricating the anus, which helps increase comfortability during bowel movements and even reduces swelling. Many hemorrhoid creams are available over the counter. It is essential to follow the directions listed on the packaging to prevent hemorrhoids from worsening.


Exercising With Hemorrhoids? Go For a Walk


When hemorrhoids flare up, going out for a short walk every day can reduce hemorrhoid pain and even prevent hemorrhoids from becoming worse. Getting some exercise can help loosen hemorrhoids up (reducing hemorrhoid swelling). It also brings the blood circulating, which helps speed up hemorrhoid healing. You should go out for a 15-minute daily walk, but make sure to stay at your walking pace; if you start walking too fast, then you might end up straining yourself.


Lubricate The Hemorrhoid Area


Lubricating hemorrhoids is one of the best things when dealing with hemorrhoid flaring-ups or experiencing any discomfort during bowel movements. There are many types of lubricants available over the counter nowadays. Still, Vaseline petroleum jelly has always been an old-time favorite because it’s cheap, effective. It doesn’t cause hemorrhoids to burn when applied.


Hemorrhoid Diet? Eat Lots of Fiber


When hemorrhoids are flaring up, eating foods containing a lot of fiber can help because the fiber will keep bowel movements soft and easy to pass. Eating more vegetables is one way to get more fiber in your diet. Be careful not to overdo it; you could end up with too much gas or bloating (both extremely uncomfortable).


Try Witch Hazel Pads


Suppose hemorrhoid creams don’t work well for your hemorrhoids. In that case, there are many other hemorrhoid treatment options available, like witch hazel pads. Witch hazel pads help hemorrhoid pain and also help hemorrhoids shrink back to their standard size.


Don’t Scratch Your Hemorrhoids


Scratching hemorrhoids is one of the worst things you could do when hemorrhoids are flaring up. You want to avoid this at all costs, primarily because hemorrhoids may get irritated and become more significant than before if scratched. 


Stay tuned for Part 2.


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