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Better For Your Practice

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A more complete hemorrhoid procedure that is safe, permanent, and profitable.     

what’s at stake? Other procedures have…

Limited applications
Increased risk & complications
Lower insurance payout

Almost 10% of banding procedures have caused significant complications, even death.

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Incomplete Solution

Banding only treats prolapsed grade 1 and 2 hemorrhoids.

  • Most patients will require 3-4 sessions in 2-week intervals.
  • Some patients will feel pain and discomfort for several days.

10% of your treatments can result in complications

Practices are at risk with traditional methods. Fatalities. Lawsuits. Patients are unsatisfied.

Can you risk the complications that have occurred in 9.7% of traditional treatments? *

* Study by

Less Payout

Typical RBL (banding) solutions generate lower payout and often require follow-up procedures leaving patients unsatisfied.

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A breakthrough solution for patients & practices

Offering an innovative FDA approved technology can help you treat more patients and give you the advantage over other practices that still offer painful and less effective methods.

No Capital Investment

There is no upfront cost for the device, and HemWell offers a low per-use fee.

Because the HemWell procedure is simple, our training is quick and straightforward — it takes less than an hour to complete.

Reach More Patients

HemWell will partner with you to advertise, HyperTarget and educate your existing clients plus help you discover and introduce new patients at no cost to you.

There are 50 million adults in the US that could benefit from a HemWell procedure.


Improved Patient Care

This non-surgical, simple procedure takes just minutes and can dramatically improve the quality of life for many of your patients.

Reduce liability through the proper treatment of hemorrhoids; allowing for more accurate screening of colorectal cancer by removing hemorrhoids as a cause of blood in the stool.

Financial Growth

Many practices utilize multiple HemWell devices with an average of 25 uses per month – per device.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Patient

Quick • Painless • Effective • FDA Approved • Improve patient care • Cost-effective • Financial Growth

Better patient treatment and increased revenue

HemWell is an FDA-approved breakthrough technology allowing you to provide the safe, effective, non-surgical, and painless treatment your patients need.

Be the hero for your patients and your practice

With HemWell, you can utilize our technology, treatment protocols, and training as a complete turn-key package.

Don’t just diagnose hemorrhoids. HemWell is the only FDA-cleared technology that can treat all four grades of internal hemorrhoids. You can trust the effectiveness of the HemWell treatment which has been used successfully in more than 120,000 procedures with no reported complications. Solve the most burning physical need your patients have with HemWell’s easy, painless, and permanent procedure.

Unlike other treatments that cut out the vein, burn it, puncture it, or scar it, HemWell works with the body in a natural and non-invasive way. With our proprietary system, your patients won’t feel pain or need to take valuable time off work. The HemWell procedure is covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans.


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