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What If You Could Treat All New Patients Up Front At The Time Of Their Screening Colonoscopy?

Physicians, Don’t Just Diagnose Hemorrhoids, Treat Them!

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What if you could treat all new patients up front at the time of their screening colonoscopy and obliterate a small Grade 1 or 2 hemorrhoid before it becomes a real problem in a few years at a Grade 3 or 4?

What if you could help mitigate those disruptive symptoms of itching, irritation, bleeding, swelling and pain UP FRONT before they became a real problem in a matter of minutes?

What if you could help reduce the number of hemorrhoidectomy procedures and the complications and risks that go along with that procedure by treating up front?

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Treatment is a very personal decision, and the other options were just not for me. When I heard about the treatment done by HemWell America, I was very curious and really excited. EVERYTHING about it sounded great! I scheduled an appointment and had the procedure. It was very quick and I went back to taking care of my little ones as soon as I got home. I havenʼt had any symptoms since then, and that was five years ago.