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75% Of People Will Have Hemorrhoidal Symptoms*

There are a lot of questions surrounding hemorrhoidal disease and available treatment options. We, at HemWell MD, have created the Hemwellectomy, a unique treatment for hemorrhoid disease. The only FDA approve treatment for all grades hemorrhoids. By utilizing our equipment your doctor provides one of most innovative, safest, painless and effective healthcare solutions for hemorrhoidal disease.


Hemorrhoids are enlarge dilated blood vessels in the rectal and anal region. They can be external or internal. Hemorrhoids can cause discomfort, itching, bleeding, and sometimes severe pain.

Yes, you can use an over-the-counter treatment to help relieve hemorrhoidal symptoms such as itching and swelling however, these remedies do not treat the cause of the hemorrhoid. If your symptoms recure Hemwellectomy is the safest, most effective treatment available. You should never feel stressed or embarrassed speaking to your healthcare provider about your symptoms. Contact us for a provider experienced with Hemwellectomy.

There are other common rectal conditions that present with symptoms similar to hemorrhoids. While hemorrhoids are the most common rectal condition that affects millions of people each year, it is recommended that patients schedule a consultation with a gasterontologist who can properly diagnose and treat rectal conditions. Contact us for a provider experienced with Hemwellectomy .

HemWell MD’s exciting technological break through, FDA approved treatment for all internal hemorrhoids. 

By administering a microcurrent to the base of the hemorrhoid it ligates ( block off ) the hemorrhoid’s feeder blood vessels. Also a natural chemical reaction occurs within the hemorrhoid’s body.  These two modes of action work together to shrink the hemorrhoid.  

Yes, numerous studies and clinical trials have shown that this FDA approved procedure is extremely safe and effective. Other treatments such as injections (sclerotherapy), laser, and banding procedure cause pain, bleeding, and local irritation, which increases the risks of infection. Hemwellectomy does not destroy the tissue; therefore, it is painless. Over 100,000 procedures have been completed without any serious side effects reported.

Yes, the majority of insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, do cover the procedure. The treatment is recognized by insurance plans and the FDA as a medically effective procedure for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids.

Most internal hemorrhoids can be treated with Hemwellectomy. Physicians using HemWell’s equipment have reported a 90% success rate, and a dramatic decrease in the number of patients requiring traditional hemorrhoidectomy surgery.

Most patients, more than 90% will require only 1 procedure. Some patients with high grade hemorrhoids may require an second Hemwellectomy which can be performed safely with a 90% success rate

No, when performed the way we recommend Hemwellectomy is painless. Less than 5% of patients experience a some discomfort following the procedure, usually treated with tylenol and a warm bath. 

No, you can typically return to work and resume your normal activities immediately following the procedure (but refrain from vigorous activity until the following day).